Running with Rhythm

Running with Rhythm is like a rippling tide

You need momentum to run stride for stride

Of course for everything that starts there is an end

Legs get tired causing them to buckle and bend

There comes a point in time where it is hard to maintain

Your mind begging the body to avoid the pain

The further you go and increase your distance

You will experience new challenges that come into existence

Nobody said it would be easy, there is no such thing

If it was, there would be more than one king

Don’t let this stop you from attaining your goal

Be who you want to be instead of playing a role

Society has deeds for you like a long list of chores

Do you want to settle or would you want more

Once you figure out your true self

Harness your meaning and take it off the shelf

 This is the first step to showing them who you are

Your presence is unknown but tomorrow you’re a star

So grab a pair of shoes and start to run

Then you will find a rhythm and the deeds will be done

                                                  – Jayme Allen